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Genuine Kingston Technology Module Verification Guidelines

On this page you will find the main features to verify whether a Kingston Technology module is genuine.

1. Labelling

A Kingston Technology module must have the following labels attached: Kingston Technology head label with a serial#, module ID# and security ID# (see fig 1). The Kingston Technology head logo changes colour if shifted in different angles. If the Kingston Technology head label does not have the module ID# printed on the label, a separate second label will be attached to the module with the module ID# and the serial# (see fig 2).

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

2. Four digit number

Match the four-digit number found on the product label with the number on the PCB board. Please refer to the illustrations Fig.1, 2 & 3. The number "5121" can be found on both the product labels and the PCB board. Note that this does NOT apply to any modules starting with the numbers 993 before the four digit number on the label.

Fig 3

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